What no puppy, just triplets

Our story began when I saw a lovely mixed breed puppy.  I asked my husband to bring our dog and his son to meet her. His reply was that he would rather have a baby; foolish man. This was a reply he would come to regret. 

After discussing this with my step son, and getting a very positive response to a little sibling, we started trying, or not not trying. The best quote from the lad was “If I can’t have a brother then a sister will do. If I can’t have either then I’ll have a chicken”. 

We were extremely lucky and I became pregnant very quickly. I thought within days of conception  that I was pregnant and did a test within the week, just before a night out. Totally ruined my big night out!  😉
I told my midwife that I felt it was twins as I was so tired and fat…..couldn’t fit into my trousers at 10 weeks. She poopooed that idea, in her words ” because i would be sick as a dog”. Those bloody puppies haunting me again!   Of course I accepted her experience and thought no more about it.

At last the fateful day arrived when the hubbie and I we went for our first scan, we were full of excitement to see our baby.

Our light hearts became rather heavier as our radiographer asked if triplets run in either family. We were not expecting that, not in a million years!  When I finally  stopped crying and started to ring people I then faced a hard job convincing them that this wasn’t some sort of early april fools joke. Seriously; my best friend demanded I send a photo of the scan.

Our lad, who lost his mum when he was 2, was terribly excited that he was going from being the smallest family in his school to one of the largest. I can safely say that we did not entirely share his enthusiasm.

I still joke that when I said that I wanted a puppy and the hubbie said that he wanted a baby that someone got muddled and ordered us a litter.


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