4 months in…half way through

Little did I know how hard it would be to make it to 40 weeks. I airily  thought I’d easily make it to 34 weeks, at least. Of course I didn’t believe everyone who said that 32 weeks was good going.

At our first scan we had been told that our babies were different ages (keeerrrrazy).  A couple of weeks 2 after creating our identical twins my naughty ovaries popped out a 2nd egg -this is our Singleton triplet. Something I’d never heard of. I liked to joke that I’m so freakin fertile that I could teach the Amazon a thing or two!! Lol.  I’m still not entirely sure if this was a stroke of good or bad luck -not that I’d change a thing. Maybe my ovaries decided that it was now or never, after all I wasn’t getting any younger!!

Now….I am a mild control freak. Who am I kidding? I’m such a control freak even the mice wipe their feet when they enter our place.  So I had asked Mr Google a few questions;  how this can happen, types of triplet pregnancies, statistics, baby names, best baby buys and who the best maternal foetal specialists are.

Then our next step was seeing a local consultant, I found one who was locally considered the best for multiples. He advised us that it was impossible for babies of different ages to occur and so the smaller (younger) triplet must be chromosomally disordered…his kindly meant advice was to ‘reduce’ and keep the twins…… I requested a 2nd opinion with the world famous prof. Kypros Nicolaides.*

Our first meeting with the great man was memorable, he swept in as I was being scanned. All the staff became extremely sweaty. Our sonographer seemed unable to catch his breath. Thought Hubbie would need to do mouth to mouth on the sonographer when the prof followed up his questions about fertility treatments (we had none) with “So, just lots of sex then ehh?!” We 😻’d him from that moment on.

He thought our single triplet was younger.  We stayed with them and carried on being scanned, mostly weekly, with the kings college hospital. Much to the dismay of our local consultant.  

*Thank goodness for 2nd opinions, the singleton is the only good sleeper!!!!