Hint to pregnant mums- get a paddling pool

IMG_3639Very early on in my pregnancy I took on a second PT job in that there London  ( a 2 hour commute). The plan was to put away a little stash for the baby.  However I went for the fateful scan the week before I started.

As I figured I’d be pretty useless I tried to back out of the job,  but to no avail.  Luckiest thing ever! They were so awesome and supportive. They let me have access to a space where I could lay down or nap when I needed to,  I could work from home 1 day a week and in general they couldn’t have been more supportive. I still wish I’d been able to do more for them.

Sadly the babies (parasites)  drained my energy, that combined with the hottest summer in my memory meant I was barely able to sit upright.   I spent quite a few days laying in the paddling pool reading reports, with chocolates carefully balanced on my tummy. It must have looked like moby dick studying for final exams!




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