We have babies

Had my scan on Thursday and as I laid there someone dropped in and said “we have three cots, it’s going to be today.”  This was amazing news as we’d been in a standoff since Monday, when they wanted to deliver and immediately transfer two babies 2 hours drive away. I had a pregnant prima Donna moment, stamped my feet and told them that I’d hold them in  until they had enough cots for us to stay together so they could all have my milk and skin to skin cuddles.

So C-day had arrived….. and at 3:00 I was wheeled into surgery.  I cried when they did the spinal- just in case it killed me. I cried when they wheeled my first tiny person past me. I cried when I told my husband who she was. We had named them while they were safely tucked away in my tummy. I cried when he showed me his videos of each of them. I cried that night while surrounded by other people’s babies when I hadn’t met mine. Generally I cried.

Every couple of hours I buzzed the nurses and asked if I could visit the girls yet. Finally at 5 am I went awol, grabbed my slippers, my drip and my husband’s hand and off we went. Never has 150 yards been so far, but I was so glad to see my ugly, beautiful, skinny ladies. After a very quick visit I trundled the loooong and painful way back to bed.

When, at 8 am, the nurses finally said that I could visit the girls in intensive care I came clean, which made their eyebrows shoot up faster than I could eat a jelly bean!

Before long I was having my first cuddle with Tabby.







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