The tinies are home…. and so it begins

I am writing this retrospectively, funnily enough, I didn’t find I had a lot of time when they girls were small. So I may struggle to accurately remember things from that sleep deprived period.

One thing that springs to mind was the iron that the girls had to take. It made one of our triplets really struggle to poo. In turn that caused her to cry (a lot, and she had a really awful high pitched cry that cut through you like a tiny chainsaw), she also got a hernia ☹️

Neither the GP, me the HV could give us advice about this. So every day we rubbed her tummy, bicycled her legs and generally tried to ‘encourage’ things. However, one night we decided to have a curry night, yum yum in my tum.

Through my milk the curry took almost immediate effect on her bum. What a relief, for her and us.

However, there was also an effect on her sister whose nickname is Mitty. After after she projectile pooed on HM Hubbie, not once but twice, he coined a new nickname- it rhymes with Mitty, so you can probably imagine what what it was.






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