Milk mamma

The thing about multiples, because they are born too soon, is that the newborn stage lasts and lasts and lasts. This is probably great if you adore the tiny baby stage. For me they were pocket sized for far too long.

I was desperate for them to grow and do things, besides making strange little dinosaur noises and crying. It was simply a longing for them to do the same things as my friend’s younger babys; smiling, sitting, laughing, rolling,crawling and walking.

Now they have most of these milestones under their (still) tiny belts. Not only that but they’ve also turned into little toddlers.  I find that I’m quite nostalgic for those old days.

Back in the day our littlies had taken so long to do anything of note that I often felt I was a milk machine who doubled as a poop scoop!

Periodically the girls went through growth spurts/ developmental stages. On these occasions there would be a constant screeching throughout the house, and it wasn’t always me.  2 babies would be on the boob whole the other screamed for milk.  Then I would swap a boob baby with the screamer. Henceforth the newly removed boob baby would then become the screamer, and so on. One dat, inbetween bouts of bleeding ears,  I phoned a breastfeeding multiples helpline. They kindly found a counsellor who had breastfed her triplets (now in university). Just talking to someone else who said I was doing everything possible (talking to screamer, singing, bouncing in a chair etc) made it more bearable!

Just in case your thinking of breastfeeding your small person or people, however many, it is doable. The above was just a few blips in an otherwise chilled (but boring, as you’re stuck on the sofa), time.

There are certain things that will aid …huge amounts of sheer determination and good advice (I used websites, fb groups and tamba’s helpline).

Practical things  you need when breastfeeding;

A wee before feeding commences, comfy clothes, remote control (god forbid songs of praise comes on when you’re stuck on the sofa!), box sets, pillows, snacks, drinks, patience.

I also found that night feeds required headphones and YouTube or a kindle.


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