Midget madness

I once heard someone say that they lived in a house run by the tiny army they made themselves…  need I say more?! Oh ok I will.

We still only have one bona fide toddler round here, but even so it is bedlam.

I thought I had this under control, we have songs for tidying up, songs for washing faces etc.  But bit by bit these sweet babies are starting to show the ‘free spirit’ that all toddlers embody!

Cries of ‘come here please’ result in a swift exit the opposite direction.

Calls of ‘please pick that up’ are met with stubborn eyes.

Requests like ‘give that toy back to her’ are met with floods of tears.

Statements such as ‘stop thumping your sister’ are countered by taking a prone position,  flailing arms and legs and wailing.

Suggestions that ‘kitchen cupboards can’t be picked up’ are met with all of the rage that a tiny human can employ!

Roll on teenage years.


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