Mummy of mermaids

IMG_5158.JPGMaybe all that time I spent in the paddling pool while pregnant has had an effect?I think they rather suit the scaled look…

These three really love their baths, maybe it’s the scarcity of baths round here, maye it’s the plethora of rubber ducks and bath toys or maybe they’re just water babies? Either way we usually only manage 2 baths a week. I’ve clung to the advice given in hospital that washing too often is bad for their skin.

Baths are so much easier in the summer as you don’t have to get everyone dressed as soon as they’ve had their wash. In the winter I often long for a bathtub just so everyone can go in at once.

Now that the summer has returned we can all wear fewer layers and return to our garden baths, or at least the girls can.


I wish I could have my baths whilst laying under the trees;  watching the birds and butterflies go by through the haze of bubble bath. But alas no one would think that my tushie was cute if I strolled about the garden as nature intended… it is a pleasure reserved for the smallest amoungst us.


Sometimes I dream about using a big water butt in the garden (which could warm in the sun) with one of those big metal tubs. Very ‘darling buds of may’. So that I too could have the pleasure of a bath al fresco.