Well summer has arrived and it’s been a very welcome break from constant illness, dr and hospital visits.

The tinies have, touch wood, not had a single ear infection since June. I think we are onto a winner with this season!

If only I could crack sleeping in the heat. Mine fight it like little demons.

The best tip I’ve received is paddling pool just before nap time and wearing wet vests, worked like a charm! I tried wet muslins, they work if your babies are of the non wiggly variety. The wet top idea was so good I used it myself. Top tip- don’t answer the door to the postman!

Other good tips include a bottle of frozen water (or several) in their room. Lots of fans to blow the air around.

Still living the dream with outdoor activities, painting, bathing, eating… you name it and we do it in the garden. God help the neighbours when we potty train…



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