Waddle is the wedding

Well at 20 weeks (6 months) I was FAT!

Not only was I fat, but we were also about to hold our wedding blessing. Before you say it… No; it was not a shotgun affair. We married very quietly the year before; just us in jeans, boyo and two friends… No politics, strife or stress! Maybe I should explain that hubbie is a widower and boyo is my stepson.  So my poor hubbie has two families of in-laws!! 

 Hubbie, or The handyman (as I call him), has had an interesting life; I think that if you wrote his autobiography the publishers would insist it was billed as a fiction. An awful lot has happened to him…. Boat builder meets equine vet, they open livery stables and vet practice and marry, then one expects the happily ever after bit. However, over the course of the next 2 years they have a baby boy, she feels a bit tired, is diagnosed with cancer and within 3 months she’s dead. He keeps the livery yard going and brings up his son, then another 2 years pass and he meets another woman (me), stuff happens, they get married and have THREE babies at once! 

Foolishly I felt I hadn’t had a ‘proper’ wedding,  so I decided to have a blessing and hog roast in one of the hay fields behind our place. Thought it would be simple and cheap…..ha….ha….ha. Famous last words. 

It was a lot of hard work  (at times I wished I’d cancelled it, as was suggested after we found out about the triplets).

The night before the blessing a terrible storm tried to steal away our marquee.  The little gazebos, where we had racked the beer kegs, tried to soar through the skies like ugly white eagles (no beer was harmed). Then, as these things like to travel in three’s, the gears in the hog roaster went caput.  However, our amazing family and friends came together to save the day. Even the rain clouds beat a retreat to leave us with a beautiful blessing day.

Thank f*ck for that!


BTW I’ve already told HM that he’s never getting as divorce because I’m never going through a bloody wedding again! 






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